Five reasons BIG Bourbon Club is the worlds fastest growing

Courtesy of The bourbon flight

Whether you’re a bourbon beginner or an experienced bourbon aficionado, or somewhere in between, the Big Bourbon Club is your passport to the world of bourbon.

1. Bourbon Fun. “Our mission is to help make bourbon more fun for everybody,” says Big Bourbon Club founder Steve Higdon. “And I’m excited about bringing so many different types of people together around bourbon in a way that we haven’t experienced. We are having fun doing something that we’ve never seen done before!” To his 75,000 TikTok followers, ‘Uncle Steve’ is known as the “60 Second Bourbon Review” guy. And the runaway success of Steve’s unassuming TikTok videos became the impetus for launching the Big Bourbon Club.

“No matter where you live – Kentucky, Utah, or Spain – you can enjoy every Big Bourbon Club event and each other,” Steve says. “Hundreds of people are posting and engaging and talking to one another every day on our app. That’s the reason I call it a virtual bourbon club. You don’t have to be in Louisville to actively participate in the club.”

2. Bourbon Friends. “We are not your Father’s Bourbon Club; the club is welcoming to all,” said Higdon, the former CEO of GLI, Louisville’s Chamber of Commerce. “Whether you’re blue-collar, white-collar, female millennial or Hispanic or black, we all come together with the common goal of having fun and learning about the world of bourbon. We are one BIG family”

“Historically it hasn’t been easy to break into the world of Bourbon, especially if you don’t look like everybody else in the room,” Steve says.

3. Bourbon Stories. At the distillery presentations, tastings and barrel picks you’ll hear the stories from the master distillers and industry insiders and learn bourbon’s rich history.

Live monthly events bring you the classic bourbons as well as the up-and-comers whether you’re attending face-to-face or streaming on Facebook or TikTok. Recent sold-out events have featured brands and distilleries like: Lux Row, Yellowstone, Uncle Nearest, Horse Soldier, New Riff, Maker’s Mark, Peerless, Marble Distilling, Angels Envy, Jim Beam, and Old Carter.

“If you are a Top Shelf member which costs $125 a year, you get all of these events at no additional cost as well as special event invites like barrel picks and VIP tastings, and you’re first in line to purchase exclusive barrel pick bottles,” Steve says. “If you can come to three events a year, you’ve already paid for the Top Shelf membership.” If you choose to join as a Free member, you can attend by purchasing a ticket.

4. Bourbon Tags & Topics. With the Big Bourbon Club Smartphone App, you stay engaged with your bourbon friends all over the world and can dig into intriguing topics like: The Trading Room, Pours with Pets, The Women’s Cask Force, Drams with Jams, Birthday Toasts, My Bourbon Bar and more.

“It’s a way to reach out to all the other members of the club, post your stories and your questions in a kind of virtual speakeasy,” Steve says. “In the Trading Room, people are making connections for trading bourbon with members all over the country. Pours with Pets is a fun place to post a picture of your dog, cat, or even your horse. When my wife suggested a Cooking with Bourbon topic, I told her it would never work, but now it’s our number one topic! Shows what I know. We are getting nearly 500 engagements a day and our BIG app is the heartbeat of the club.

5. Bourbon Love. You can become a part of the world’s fastest-growing bourbon club today. Visit to get started. Not sure about the fabulous benefits of the Top Shelf, $125 annual membership? You can opt for the Free Rickhouse Membership and get in on the fun today.