Connecting Great Bourbon Brands With Bourbon Lovers

Connie Baker

Marble Distillery, Co-Founder, CEO, Head Distiller

“The Big Bourbon Club and “Uncle” Steve Higdon have truly opened the door to emerging Craft Whiskey makers, like Marble Distilling Co. BIG’s inclusion of Colorado and nationwide craft whiskey producers has set a new and refreshing tone to a landscape once owned by Kentucky and Tennessee. Uncle Steve’s jovial yet sharp as a tack personality lends to the true spirit of our industry, and provides for an ideal setting for Distiller’s like Marble to reach a much broader audience in ways we could not have imagined. And the methodology and reach of his review(s) has set an exciting and focused path for Marble and our desire to share our award winning whiskies with people throughout the country, which left to our own devices would not have been possible.”

Stephen Beam

Limestone Branch Distillery, Master Distiller

“The Big Bourbon Club from the beginning has welcomed bourbon enthusiasts from all levels and sought to bring people together through their passion for bourbon. ‘Uncle Steve’ introduces the club to a wide variety of large and small brands. It is such a great resource for someone who is drinking their first bourbon, to the bourbon aficionado. It is also a great way for small distilleries to reach this dedicated following.

“Uncle” Steve’s relaxed, folksy approach to bourbon tasting and his straightforward reviews are casual and so inviting it is no wonder the group has grown so large so fast.

The Big Bourbon Club has undoubtedly helped us increase Yellowstone’s recognition. I am thrilled with the response we have had to Steve’s reviews of our brands and the live tasting event.

The Camaraderie and love of all things bourbon make the Craft 500 a great resource for craft distilleries to increase awareness for their brands.”

Al Laws


Community is one of things we at Laws Whiskey House love most about the bourbon world. Coming together over our shared love of this great spirit is a powerful force and the community that Steve Higdon and the others at Big Bourbon Club are building is truly remarkable. Whiskey novices and experts alike are welcomed. Education is celebrated and made fun through Steve’s unique platform. As an up-and-coming distillery, being able to interact and engage with this group of people is really valuable. We’ve been able to benefit from increased brand awareness and exposure that no doubt has helped improve our business. Steve and the Big Bourbon Club are great partners and we are thrilled to be part of this community.

Cordell Lawrence


“The Big Bourbon Club’s mission to democratize the bourbon society landscape inspired us to partner with them from day one. Steve Higdon’s passion for building a larger, more inclusive tent for The Big Bourbon Club made us instant believers. Steve’s ability to provide a large, but intimate storytelling opportunity allowed us to build authentic relationships with his growing membership. 

Our growth and success at Peerless is a direct result of bourbon/ whiskey societies unending support for our mission to make the finest bourbon and rye whiskey in the world. Uncle Steve and his BIG Bourbon Club have been one of those great partners.”

Thanks To Our Corporate Partners