Willet Bourbon Reviews

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Detailed Review

Willett Pot Still Reserve: A Review for Those Who Appreciate the Finer Things (and a Good Chuckle)

Ah, Willett Pot Still Reserve. The name alone evokes images of gentlemen sipping bourbon in leather armchairs, discussing the finer points of horse racing and the stock market. Or perhaps, it conjures up a scene of you, in your pajamas, hiding from said stock market with a glass of something smooth. Either way, this bourbon promises a certain level of sophistication, and let me tell you, it delivers.

The Nose: Upon first whiff, you’re greeted with a bouquet of caramel, vanilla, and oak. It’s like a dessert shop and a lumberyard had a beautiful, aromatic baby. Don’t worry, there’s no sawdust involved, just the sweet promise of good times ahead.

The Palate: Oh, the palate. This is where things get interesting. The initial sweetness gives way to a complex interplay of spice, tobacco, and leather. It’s like a Wild West saloon brawl in your mouth, but in a good way. Everyone is well-behaved, and nobody loses a tooth.

The Finish: The finish is long and warm, like a hug from a burly lumberjack who also happens to be a pastry chef. (We’re back to that analogy, are we?) The flavors linger pleasantly, leaving you wanting just one more sip. And then maybe another. And perhaps another after that…

Overall: Willett Pot Still Reserve is not for the faint of heart, or those who prefer their bourbon sweet and simple. This is a complex, nuanced whiskey that demands your attention. It’s perfect for sipping on a cold winter night, or when you need to impress your in-laws (assuming they appreciate good bourbon, that is).

Just be warned, it may cause you to develop a sudden interest in buying a smoking jacket and a monocle.