Old Forester Bourbon Reviews

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Detailed Review

Old Forester 1870: A Review with a Twist of Lime and Sarcasm

Old Forester 1870: the bourbon that’s apparently been around since the year your great-grandpappy fought in the Civil War (and probably smelled about as good). But unlike great-grandpappy, this bourbon has had the benefit of aging gracefully.

Nose: Approaching this glass is like walking into a well-maintained antique shop. You get that warm, woody scent, but instead of mothballs, it’s laced with caramel and a hint of citrus. Like a dusty old lemon, but in a good way.

Palate: The first sip is a smooth journey down memory lane, assuming your memories involve brown sugar, baking spices, and maybe a touch of leather. It’s surprisingly light on its feet for a bourbon of such… distinguished age.

Finish: Ah, the lingering warmth of a good story told well. It hangs around like a friendly ghost, whispering tales of oak barrels and simpler times. Don’t worry, it won’t haunt you, unless you count the phantom desire for another glass.

Overall: This isn’t your grandpappy’s firewater (unless your grandpappy had excellent taste). It’s a surprisingly balanced bourbon that manages to be both complex and easy-drinking. If you’re looking for a spirit with a bit of history and a lot of character, Old Forester 1870 is worth a shot. Just don’t blame me if you end up talking to ghosts afterwards.

Detailed Review

Old Forester 1910: A Bourbon Worth Betting On

Forget the ponies, the real thoroughbred champion of Kentucky is in your glass – Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky. This bourbon, my friends, is a smooth operator with a finish longer than the final stretch at Churchill Downs.

Aged like a fine Southern gentleman in heavily charred barrels, it boasts a complex character of warm spices, dark chocolate, and just a hint of cherry. One sip and you’ll understand why they call this “Old Fine” – it’s like sipping on history, with a side of sophistication.

Now, some might say this bourbon is best enjoyed neat, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But if you’re feeling festive, a splash of simple syrup and a sprig of mint transform it into the ultimate Mint Julep. It’s the kind of cocktail that makes you want to don your fanciest hat and yell “Tally-ho!” (even if you have no idea what that means).

So, whether you’re celebrating Derby Day or just a Tuesday, do yourself a favor and pour a glass of Old Forester 1910. It’s a sure bet for a good time.