Bulleit Frontier Bourbon Reviews

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Detailed Review

Bulleit Bourbon Review: A Frontier in Your Glass

Nose: Like a tumbleweed of caramel and oak rolling through a ghost town of vanilla.

Palate: Spice rides in on a dusty horse, followed by a posse of brown sugar and toasted nuts. Don’t worry, they’re friendly.

Finish: A warm sunset fading over the prairie of your tongue, leaving a pleasant memory of spice and oak.

Overall: If this bourbon was a cowboy, it’d be the strong, silent type. Not flashy, but gets the job done with a satisfying amount of rugged charm. Best enjoyed neat or with a single ice cube, like a true frontiersman.

Pairs well with: Campfire stories, a trusty steed (or a reliable armchair), and contemplating the vastness of the American West (or your backyard).