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Basil Hayden Dark Rye: “A Tale of Two Palates”.

Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye offers an intriguing aroma and taste with a unique rye-port wine blend, but the finish is unbalanced and might be better suited for adventurous drinkers.

Detailed Rye Review

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Review (Dark Rye): A Tale of Two Palates


The Experiment of Basil Hayden Bourbon Review:

Steve dives right in to this Basil Hayden Rye, acknowledging the whiskey’s unusual blend of Kentucky straight rye, Canadian rye, and port wine. The low 80-proof bottling adds another layer of intrigue, raising questions about its body and punch.

Love at First Sip?

The initial experience seems promising. Steve enjoys the aroma and taste, using the word “weird” in a seemingly positive light. This suggests a departure from traditional rye profiles, with interesting notes that pique their curiosity.

The Finish Line Falters:

Unfortunately, the journey takes a turn for the worse. The finish is described as unpleasant, “all poured on” and dominated by a clash between the rye spice and the sweetness of the port wine. Steve likens it to a combination of red wine and pork, highlighting the disconnect between the initial promise and the final delivery.

A Spirit for Explorers:

Steve ultimately recommends Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye to adventurous drinkers who enjoy exploring uncharted flavor territories. It’s a spirit that pushes boundaries, and those seeking a familiar rye experience might be better off looking elsewhere.


It’s important to note that taste is subjective. While the reviewer didn’t care for this bourbon, your experience may differ.


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